Hello Everyone! This post is to tell you about the Grand Priest and the powers he holds. Let me explain who the is Grand Priest is? Grand Priest is the attendant of Zen’ou. He roles as angel. Only what they do for the Hakaishin, hehe does for Zeno. He is the father of all angels as revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Since he has been unveiled, fans started questioning his powers. We have not seen much of him. He has been described as the strongest fighter in the Omniverse by the Dragon Ball manga. Some believe that Zen’ou is the strongest, and it does hold true, he is not really a fighter. This is the reason why needs two guards to stay by his side all the time.


Dragon Ball Super manga lets us see a glimpse of the Grand Priest’s powers. He was able to stop Beerus and Quitela’s punches with just his finger when the Gods of Destruction were fighting before the Tournament of Power. The power of a God of Destruction means nothing to him. That’s right! He is far more powerful than that as God of Destruction’s power was insignificant in front of him.

He is a lot stronger than the Angels and outdoes them by a huge margin. Another great feat from the Grand Priest has been viewed in the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode. He had to manipulate the seating area around the arena in order to bring everyone closer to each other as we know.

He and manipulated the arena showing an immense matter manipulation feat. He did it so immensely that even the Angels gasped at the level of the power he possesses. Grand Priest is no doubt stronger than any Angel. Even we have not seen an angel at max power yet. Therefore, there is no way we can scale the Grand Priest as of now.

To stop Hakaishin and to perform matter manipulation at the level which surprises even the Angels means Grand Priest is a force to be reckoned with. Many theories hint towards him being evil, and if that is true, we’re in as he will make a great antagonist with his powers.